My name is Rozanne Wild and I am a registered veterinary nurse. I qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2014 and I have 12 years experience working in veterinary practices.

I am a mum to a 1 year old daughter but I still work part time at a veterinary practice to keep my skills and knowledge up to date.

I am also a mummy to my feline fur babies: Opi who is 3 years old and Cali who is 2 years old. I nursed both of them better when they were very young kittens. Poor Cali was dumped in a plastic bag and bought into my vets riddled in fleas and anaemic, luckily she was a fighter and is fighting fit now.

I love doing pet sitting because I get to meet so many different characters and I find it very rewarding when I walk through the door and they are so happy to see me.

I am happy to do a meet and greet before you commit to using me as I know it’s a big decision trusting someone in your house and leaving your fur babies in my hands.

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